Others Walk. We Fly.

What exactly is this?

Pigeon is a hyper responsive courier company, that aims to become an all encompassing service. Pigeon will become a platform that connects users to nearby drivers who can provide a delivery service on demand in a quick and easy manner. 

How does it work?

Need something collected and delivered?
Drop us a WhatApp or email and we will make that happen. As we are still in the birth phase we are unable to offer radical change, at this very moment, but what we can offer is a proudly student driven business that is on the path to do so. 

Can I join?

Yes you can. Enter your details below to become a self-employed Pigeon driver. We aim to use a flexible network of independent drivers to deliver our services and in doing so we empower others to earn.

Become a Pigeon

We currently have a network of 20 drivers in Cape Town.